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Missions & Goals


In combining all sustainable resources, Bluesky Environment Foundation works to promote energy saving and carbon reduction in our communities in order to build a clean, environmental friendly living space for our generations to come.


Short-Term Goals

  • Promote “carbon reduction” in communities and schools.
  • Promote environmental protection via Internet media in collaboration with government policies.
  • Oriented to energy saving and carbon reduction, implement environmental protection policies by conducting environmental protection seminars and cooking programs and publishing recipes.
  • Co-work with environmental organizations or foundations on environmental protection acts.
  • Be attended to the current and future perspectives of carbon reduction and air quality control of each city.

Mid-Term Goals:

  • Enhance the public awareness of environmental crisis to further learn and execute government policies of energy saving and carbon reduction spontaneously.
  • Assure the environmental protection practices by the government at the community level and elevate decision making body to a higher administrative authority.
  • Implement courses on environmental protection strategies and energy saving and carbon reduction with the collaboration of communities and universities.

Long-Term Goals:
Establish communities with sustainable developments on energy saving and carbon reduction.