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Low Carbon Tips

Low Carbon Tips (Carbon reduction 1 kg per day per person)

Here is how -
Carbon Reduction (kg)
car free once a week (10-km in distance) 2.36
reduce garbage (one kilogram per day) 2.06
reduce air conditioning (cut 1 hour per day) 1.40
adjust air conditioning 1C higher (will save 6% of electricity based on 10-hr use) 0.84
one veggie meal per day (based on meat intake 0.12kg/day) 0.78
reduce water consumption (1000 liters per day) 0.21
reduce computer usage (1 hour for 300W) 0.19
use 60W incandescent light bulb instead of 11W compact fluorescent one 0.16
reduce TV time (1 hour per day for 200W) 0.13
use 0.8W LED lamp instead of 7.2W lamp (based on 8-hour use) 0.03
bike/walk instead of motorcycling (based on 500m) 0.032
use energy conservation washer 0.018
select hybrid cars (based on 10-km drive) 1.285
bring own utensils and shopping bag 0.001
recycle newspapers daily 0.061
unplug power whenever you can 0.059
Source - Taiwan Product Carbon Footprint