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Our Earth is facing severe climate change crisis!

The industrial development has enhanced the level of our living standards  However, the continuing evolvement and expansion of land have resulted in deforestation, air pollution, and land subsidence, which lead to increasing concentration of greenhouse gases and ozone depletion.  With all these contributing to global temperature warming, glacier and permafrost melt, sea levels rise, and lakes to dry from the rising warmth.  Our Earth is now facing a forever changing of the balance of our eco system.

We only have one Planet Earth and we need to cherish our resources and save our Globe.

Bluesky Environment Foundation aims to help protect our Earth by promoting environmental awareness and clean energy concepts.  We all need to commit to ecological restoration seriously and immediate carbon reduction is our first priority to save the Earth.  Through educational activities and seminars, we are able to carry out our vision as well as to put all sources and actions together into a greater effort for ecological restoration – carbon reduction. 
Bluesky Environment Foundation sees every opportunity to reduce, recycle, and reuse our resources.